Membership Rates

Please complete online application form below.

All new members will be charged €10.00 for GUI Card.

Applications for country, overseas, senior and super senior memberships will need to meet conditions that apply to these categories.

Junior applications should contain GP Information.

* Intro to Full +€1500 entrance fee

** Country +€2500 entrance fee

Membership Application Form

    In the case of an emergency, please notify:

    If you are not now a member of a club but were in the past, please give details:

    For successful applicants wishing to acquire a handicap, 3 completed score cards must be signed by a member and returned to the Handicap Secretary.
    I hereby apply for membership of Mullingar Golf Club. I consent to attend an Interview Board if requested. Should my application for membership be
    successful, I undertake to make myself acquainted with and abide by the Constitution and Rules and the Bye Laws of Mullingar Golf Club and the Rules
    and Etiquette of the game of Golf.


    The Proposer and Seconder must be Full Members of Mullingar Golf Club.
    A member of the Committee of Management, the Men’s Committee or the Ladies’ Committee

    Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    I, the Proposer shall be responsible for ensuring that the candidate, if elected is made conversant with the Constitution and Rules and the Bye-Laws of
    Mullingar Golf Club and the Rules and Etiquette of the Game of Golf.


    The club has a Data Privacy Policy which can be found in the Club Document folder of our Club V1 membership
    app. Your data will be stored and used in accordance with this policy.
    The Club may arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of Club activities and published on our website or
    social media channels to promote the Club.

    By agreeing to your images being used, you agree to assign any copyright or any other right of ownership of
    these images to the Club.

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